Mel’s Lounge is Back

Mel’s Lounge is Back
updated: Aug 26, 2010, 4:36 PM
By Michele A. Lipman

I happen to be walking on Carrillo towards State St, when passing 209 W. Carrillo, across from the donut shop, corner of Carrillo & De La Vina, I noticed the name on the door of the new tenant said “Mel’s Lounge”. I had to go in for a closer look and sure enough, my eyes did not deceive me. Mel’s Cocktails that vacated the Paseo Nuevo is getting ready to open Sept 2 with all new digs, and the new name of “Mel’s Lounge”
I peered through the huge dark glass windows and saw workers inside getting the place ready to open soon. The owner for the past 6 yrs, Mike Knapp, opened the door and invited me in to take a look around. The place looks very inviting, with lots of warm colors, wood floors, fabulous tall and short tables, beautiful stunning eye-catching bar with stained glass back drop, and lots of other interesting touches to make the place feel very comfortable. Mike tells me that there are many great changes in store for the patrons, such as multiple big-screen TV’s, pool table, wide assortment of appetizers and music. I’m sure all the “old” regulars will be pleased to hang at Mel’s again, along with the newbies that find this hidden treasure. Can’t wait.

Check It Out: 

Owner:  Mike Knapp

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Handmade custom ceramic Bonsai pots for sale

I have been making Bonsai pots for as long as I have been doing my pottery.  Recently I have had the idea of incorporating my new style of tattooing the ceramic bonsai pot.  I really enjoy using a tattoo gun to carve out the relief patterns in my tattoo art carvings. I want to make a coy fish tattoo on the new piece I am working on.  My friend Jose has a Coy fish on his leg I took this picture of it about a week ago. He would like me to put this tattoo on a bonsai pot for him so I will be working on that. I just carved this Hawk Urn and Tiger urn below for a customer as well.  I think they turned out really good and I am
looking forward to using more vibrant colors like the bold colorful Ed Hardy Tattoos.

All of the bonsai pots for sale below are handmade my me.  If for some reason I don’t have a bonsai pot for sale listed below in stock I can definitely make one special order for you.  They will be slightly different because each one is handmade on the potters wheel but it will be a very close representation of the bonsai pot below.  More specialty tattoo bonsai pots coming real soon….

We service all of Santa Barbara County and LA County.  We offer Local pick up or delivery in these counties and FREE Shipping on any bonsai pot (without plant) – 5 Day UPS Ground shipping. 
Call Today to order your custom tattoo ceramic bonsai pot:  (805)-765-1113

I like to make mini bonsai pots too.  These are nice and can be very unique with
the right plant. I used a black and green glaze on the one above. Sometimes I
smoke them in a smoker for several hours and that gives them nice earth tone
colors like brown, subtle hughes of green and red. I have made miniature bonsai
pot sets with different colors for some of my clients. You don;t see it but I also
make  small little bonsai pot trays for them as well.  

Matthew S. Kennedy, Ceramic Artist
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Art By Mimulux – Check out new artist on TooTall’s:

i was born in the USA.. but grew up in europe and africa.. later on i lived in asia, returned to europe and here again lived in various countries. now i live in
the south of hungary and love it!

i am ‘varied’… and so is my art. photomanipulation, digital paintings, fractals, photography.. i love it all.. i use it all…

my main style of art.. or rather my recurring theme though is the dark side… the dark side of life.. of living.. of situations .. of people.. places. i have lived
through many dark moments… from having a very severe form of a phobia, nearly losing my life in a car accident, abuse both physical and mental..

i am a happy person though.. i am optimistic, but also realistic. i love living.. i love people.. i love life.. perhaps because i have been given the gift to create
art.. to re-create and thus rid myself of those dark and sinister moments in my life.

music has also played a big role in my life, always has and always will. music is energy, medicine, living, breathing, healing, love, life.. all these things and
more. i enjoy a great variety of music, but am especially partial to one instrument, and that is the guitar. from rock to blues, from funk to classic flamenco.. i
love it… tv ? nope.. give me a good stereo, some earphones and then off i go, carried by the sounds created by musicians such as Joe Satriani, Paco de
Lucia, John Lee Hooker, and many more.

mimulux, hungary, may 2010

All my art is available as limited edition prints, signed, dated and numbered; for more info pls contact me directly!
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I made this Slash(er) movie today in google picasa

Slash Pictures (29) pics

I made this Slash(er) movie today  –  hahaha.  I was just screwing around with Picasa movie maker. It was pretty cool and Picasa is a great free tool by the way.  You can download Google Picasa anytime.
You can even insert music on top of the pictures you make into a movie.  I will do that next time. 

Slash music videos are pretty awesome!  You can check them here.
Slash Music has always been an inspiration for me.  I have enjoyed slashes music since Guns and saw this latest collage of pics on a link I clicked on the Sixx Sense website another artist I like very much and am actually tailoring my website after this one a bit. I like this website, Vans, Kat Von D.’s Website, etc.. Trying again to get the cool factor on my site. Anyway, the link was Slash music radio, you can check out more slash stuff on this slash music radio station.

I am trying to link up artists that have the “cool” factor to go along with my site at you can find links to places like Vans, Sephora, Kat Von D. and the like… I personally make a line of custom memorial “Art Urns” that are made by throwing pottery on the potters wheel and then making a wood lid for it. They are pretty cool and fun to make. 

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Kat Von D Makeup Line for SEPHORA

Lips:  Pink lips,stretched lips,damp lips,full lips,perfect lips all kind of lips!  I got an idea form my sweety about marketing to woman over 30 and really all kind of ladies. She said that a lady that wants a tattoo vase would like to talk about lipstick, “feelings”, makeup, Operah, etc… I am think shit…. Anyway I was on the net today and I saw all these very cool pictures of LIPS!  Pretty cool and I must say that lipstick can be cool.  Sephora is connected with Kat Von D., it can be very artistic.  I was searching Google images and saw some awesome lips.  This may be an inspiration for a tattoo vase, you never know.
Matthew S. Kennedy, Ceramic Artist
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