Tom Cruise gets emotional over death of John’s Jett Travolta

I have always been a fan of John Travolta and his films I think he looks great bald, I hope I look that good when I loose the rest of my hair… When I saw him in From Paris With Love he looked sharp and it was a great movie. 

What is going through my mind when I am blogging about this remembrance?  I do feel bad for John Travolta and his family for this horrific loss and I do actually feel like I would like to do something for him and his family.  If they should come across this Blog I would be honored to make a custom cremation urn for them.  My sincere condolences go out to the family.  I have to Blog about this stuff to promote my urn business and get links. It is hard because it is sad and I don’t like to do it to be honest.  This is a weird business I am in I will tell ya.  I am passionate about making art urns and I feel compelled as an artist to create these art objects but it is something nobody wants to talk about until that time happens. I totally understand that…  I am not sad about my Grandfather’s death (Popo) he was a great man and an artist as well – Pictures Below. He and I were going to do some collaboration work together but we never got the chance. I was moving my art studio all over the west coast trying to find my way with clay… I would like to get this elephant tattooed on my back actually I may do that soon..

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